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These are the words that came to me lately during a morning hike with Starr….

“Do everything…say everything…think everything with a TRUE HEART.” (or just do your best to)

Check in with yourself before you talk with a loved one about something you are concerned/worried/upset about.  Check in with yourself before speaking with a colleague or your boss.  Check in with yourself about the thoughts you are allowing yourself to think….at any given time….periodically…throughout your day.

Check in gently and just observe.  This can be viewed as an experiment.

All you need is curiosity at its best and then a tiny teeny bit of willingness to look.

This is NOT about judging yourself or being hard on yourself in ANY way.

My sharing this with you is just one way to become aware of how powerful your intention is when talking with someone and simply being with them. Especially when trying to communicate.

How you talk with YOURSELF, how you are when you are just being with yourself and how you communicate with yourself is at the top of the list, here.

This is where your relationship with your animal companion starts and it is also where it lives – IN the relationship you have with yourself FIRST.  Those of us that live with challenges in any of our relationships – whether they are with four-legged companions OR two-leggeds it always starts with YOU/yourself.  Yay.

Ask yourself any of the following:

“Will what I am about to do create a sense of unity between me and my animal companion/partner/friend or me and my coworker?  Will this bring us closer in some way?”

“Will this statement or question or my energy set up a space for the other to become defensive or feel segregated or judged – or continue to chew our favorite rug/shoe?”

“Do the thoughts that I am thinking make me feel good/creative/hopeful/grateful or judged/disappointed/negative?

Or…kinda like the garbage that gets crushed in the compactor on pick-up day?”

Try choosing to be gentle with yourself first in this moment…but realize you may not FEEL LIKE IT – and that is more than OK, also.

Just observe.  Make note.  Take some space. Breathe.

Your animal companion still loves you and still accepts you.  (we may want to try to follow their example – just sayin’)


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